“I look for someone that’s done what I want to do, then I hire them to mentor me. I’m working with Cathy to learn how to create a life I love in property” Todd Taylor

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I’m Cathy Morrissey and I teach women & men how to create Lucrative Cosmetic Renovation Businesses. My first cosmetic Reno (The Old St. Davids Manse, 1883) sold in 2007, for a ton more than I paid for it.(GROSS over $300,000) But here’s the thing… I did not use guesswork. I created a business plan around this renovation and engaged the right marketing team to make this happen. Every property that I worked on since made a 5 – 6 figure profit over and over again. I knew I was onto something but I really had no idea until without warning, the popularity of renovation shows had renovators popping up everywhere but and here’s the but… not everyone was making money on their renovations.

I had implemented strategies that were unique and made more money on my house sale than similar houses of that vintage, in my town. Pretty cool, heh? But like a good red wine, that takes time to ferment, so did my love of turning something old into something new, and in 2012, I hit the road running and repeated this process for myself and clients, and consistently made profitable renovations.

(I did this another 7 more times, worked with dozens of clients to help them reach their renovation goals and, then in 2015, created The Renovation College where the first lot of mentee’s have learned my 5 step system.)

I could not have done this without a documented well thought out system that I and my mentee’s use over and over again. If its a tried and tested blueprint you’re after…… Its here for you to model and make your own.