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Master Your Money Game

You want a purpose, a reason to jump out of bed everyday and maybe leave a legacy for future generations to come. Your ready to learn exactly what it takes to take on 5 - 6 figure renovation or property business and get the right website, branding and marketing. But...

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DIY Renovation Tips here

What are some things DIY Renovators can do themselves and still add value to their property... Here's what 5 Professionals said:  5 RENOVATIONS YOU DON'T NEED A PROFESSIONAL FOR. My No. 1 tip is to create an amazing 'curb appeal'. This is the first opportunity you...

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2017 Color Trends

Predicting what the next design & colour trends are going to be, is quite scientific. In fact, it takes a huge amount of data to predict what’s coming. And that’s on a global level. These clever scientific people that are gathering this information are then able...

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You CAN create Lucrative Renovations

Want to know how to make money on your property, without spending a fortune? Keep reading. A client of mine Jo, spent a little under $5,000 and her property got $75,000 MORE than the agent expected it to sell for. I spent just $6,000, and I got a gross profit of...

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Clear the Clutter, Find the Profit.

De-cluttering is possibly one of the biggest challenges we have to face in our own homes, and those of our clients BUT, if we want change, and, there's only one way- and that's to start! Whether you are selling or, de-cluttering to improve your home, (or a...

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Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Why do some cosmetic renovations take a lot longer than they should? How is it, that most people ‘run out of money’ before they’ve completed their Reno? And, Why is it that some renovations or home improvements go smoothly, whilst others don’t? It’s simple. They don’t...

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